Most pet owners love their furry friends but may not be as fond of the hair the animals leave behind on fabric. Luckily, disposable gloves are fast way to remedy this problem.大多数宠物主人都喜欢他们毛茸茸的朋友,但是他们也许并不喜欢动物留下的绒毛。幸运的是,一次性手套能快速解决这个问题。

Pet hair clings to furniture and clothing. If guests are visiting for a dinner party, a hair-covered couch does not present the most inviting space, especially if someone has allergies. Pet hair is also a hassle when it sticks to work clothing.(平时)宠物绒毛(容易)黏在家具和服装上。如果客人来到家中与您共享晚宴,那么一个有着宠物绒毛的沙发会给人呈现一种不舒服的空间(感),尤其是对绒毛过敏的人来说。而当宠物绒毛粘在工作服上时,依然是一个麻烦的事情。

While many people use tape or lint rollers, disposable gloves are a better option. Simply slip on a glove, dampen it and run it over the fabric or upholstery. The hair will stick to the glove and can be rinsed off once the glove is covered. Repeat until the furniture or clothing is free of pet hair.虽然许多人会用胶带或皮棉轧辊来处理绒毛,但一次性手套是更棒的选择。只需在手套上滑蹭,弄湿手套,在织物或被绒毛沾染的地方来回蹭。绒毛就会粘在手套上。这样一来,一旦用手套来处理,绒毛就能被冲洗掉了。重复这一过程,直到家具或衣物上没有宠物的绒毛(即可)。


A damp disposable glove will attract pet hair that is on fabric.


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