Workplace safety affects all industries from the food service industry to protection against biological agents in the medical industry. Accidents and injuries in the workplace can be reduced greatly by having the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).


Disposable gloves are an essential part of a PPE program when it comes to protecting workers hands while they work with harmful chemicals. AMMEX Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile glove can handle all your toughest safety needs.

当涉及工人在处理有害化学物质时,一次性手套就包含在个人保护装备当中。爱马斯GWorks耐用橙绿色丁腈无粉手套能够处理你最棘手的安全需求问题。11.jpgBest Nitrile Glove For Safety


AMMEX Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile glove is our newest glove. It is a premium heavy-duty glove that provides the toughest protection. When it comes to safety, this is the best disposable glove to choose for your workplace for three reasons: resistance, texture, and visibility.


Green Nitrile Texture


The AMMEX Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile glove features a raised diamond texture for maximum grip and enhanced dexterity. There are more than 3,000 raised diamonds per glove that allow more liquid to pass through the channels, enabling greater surface area. The aggressive raised texture on the front and the back of the glove enables greater surface contact, providing a safer way to get the job done. 


Green Nitrile Visibility


The Gloveworks Heavy Duty Green Nitrile is the perfect glove for dark or dimly lit working environments, like an automotive garage. With its bright green color, this high visibility glove leads to higher compliance as it is easier for safety directors to see from a distance. Workers are less likely to be injured, making the AMMEX Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile an excellent part of any PPE.


All of these features make this glove ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including automotive, manufacturing, and chemical industries. Better performance, better protection, better safety. Add AMMEX Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile to your line-up and order now!


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