The AMMEX Gloveworks HD orange Nitrile Powder Free Industrial glove was the first HD nitrile glove introduced in our lineup. Our orange nitrile glove is extra heavy duty, industrial grade, top of the line, and designed and manufactured for pros who need the best protection.



The Gloveworks orange Nitrile glove has an aggressive, raised diamond texture that gives you an unbeatable grip in all circumstances. The high-visibility orange color also stands out, keeping everyone’s hands in sight for better safety. Gloveworks orange Nitrile gloves have an 8-mil thickness, so they will last longer, and you will use fewer gloves over the course of a day’s work. The orange nitrile gloves feature extra protection from gasoline grease, g, pesticides, cleaning solutions, and a long list of specialty chemicals.



The orange nitrile glove will help you work better and safer because you’ll know you have the power and control to finish the job right.


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