Although winter is using its icy grip to claw at the early days of spring, warmer weather is coming, and with it comes new trends in hair color. As numerous clients come in seeking a new hue for their hairdos, salons should stock up on disposable gloves.


Celebrities typically set the tone for popular hair colors and styles, and this spring will see inspiration from Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Amy Adams, according to Forbes. Platinum blonde may be coming back in a big way, and bold contrast between roots and tips has become popular. Rose-colored hair is also making headway, according to Style magazine.

名人通常会引领当季的流行发色和发型,而今年春天的流行发色灵感来自于福布斯榜上的Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Amy Adams。淡银灰色发色卷土重来,该发色与发根鲜明的对比,已经成为流行。根据时尚杂志先容,玫瑰色也开始引领流行。

Not only are stylists going to perform the initial coloring, they will also see clients for routine maintenance. With multiple coloring appointments and the use of many chemicals, stylists need a pair of gloves that is up to the task. Vinyl gloves are perfect for this application, as they provide protection against coloring agents and other styling chemicals and are affordable for numerous glove changes. Alternatively, black nitrile gloves are a great option to mask the discoloration of gloves by the hair color and dye. 


Whether clients want to welcome spring with a few highlights or the pixel hair color craze that is sweeping the Internet, stylists should protect their hands while they tackle the expanded business.



 Salon stylists will likely need extra gloves as spring approaches.


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