Did you know workers in the medical and dental industries use an average of 15 pairs of disposable gloves each day? That’s 3,960 pairs a year!



  When people think of disposable gloves, they often picture doctors or nurses snapping latex gloves on their hands. It’s true that the medical industry is one of the biggest markets for disposable gloves, but not all of those gloves are made of latex. Due to the rise of latex allergies, more and more doctors’ offices are looking for latex alternatives. This provides a huge opportunity for distributors carrying both latex and nitrile exam-grade gloves.


  By 2020, it is projected that disposable glove revenue could hit $6.5 billion in the medical and dental industries alone. Take a look at our infographic below to see the growth opportunity available in these industries. As the United States population ages, the demand for healthcare is increasing. This leads to a higher demand for the products that those health care professionals use. The best way to snag a piece of this potential revenue is to offer a variety of quality disposable gloves in your lineup.




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